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Welcome to Desjardins Securities

Desjardins Securities is committed to providing the self-directed investor with everything you need to invest more effectively. Our website achieves this by allowing you to navigate with fewer clicks, find information faster and view more data simultaneously, not to mention all the useful investment tools included.

With Desjardins Securities' website you can do more, faster. Here are some convenient features found throughout the site:


At the top of every screen: A space that allows you to enter a symbol and jump directly to a quote page or an order entry panel.

  [B] Below the left menu bar: Drop-down menus that you can use to go straight to the account and action of your choice, without having to navigate through menus.
  [C] At the bottom of the screen: An expandable/retractable quote panel. This allows you to check quotes quickly from anywhere within the site, without cluttering your screen or requiring you to switch pages. Simply click the title bar to expand it, and click again to hide it.

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